All's well that ends well...

posted Oct 23, 2008, 8:36 AM by John Anderson
Teddy didn't quite work out.  He simply would not calm down around other dogs.  Taking him to the vet required seven large Sherpas, a bottle of Tequila and some heavy duty chains.  Well, not really, but it wasn't fun.

However, my friend Todd, upon hearing that we were having misgivings about him, told me that his wife would love to have a Newf, and so Teddy found a new home.

I was a little concerned for his dog, and voiced my concerns to him.  "Meh, they'll be fine.  If not, I'll deal with it."

So, on Monday night, Todd came over and took Teddy home with him.  An hour later he called.

"So, I got home and opened the door.  Teddy and Fizgig came face-to-face and Teddy promptly rolled onto his back and submitted to Fizgig.  Fizgig took away his bone and now Teddy is sitting quietly in the corner waiting for Fizgig to finish with the bone."